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Services Provided:

Services Provided:

Stress Coaching:  

  • Stress coaching is a specialized form of personal coaching designed to help you understand and manage stress.
  • Stress from unexpected events or even from our daily lives in general, can hit us at any point in time. Sometimes stress can be very overwhelming to deal with on our own.
  • Stress can lead to unfavorable coping mechanisms such as drug abuse, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, physical effects such as loss of sleep, weight gain or loss, change in behavior, or change in daily routines.
  • Stress coaching is about learning how to manage your stress in a way that does not affect the quality of your life. Coach Josh will help you look at the situation from a different, more positive perspective so that you can achieve your defined goal of living a peaceful and less stressful lifestyle, and he will help you look at the situation from a different view to help you set realistic and achievable goals while helping create a safe, peaceful and supportive environment while providing ongoing support.
  • Stress coaching is not about eliminating stress, but about learning how to navigate it effectively.

Recovery Coaching:

  • As a recovery coach, Coach Josh will provide mentoring and support services to individuals who are in the early stages of recovery from addiction or to an individual who is facing specific obstacles during their recovery journey.
  • Whether your recovery is from an addiction to alcohol, drugs, pornography, gambling, or any other form of addiction, Coach Josh aims to help you achieve your goals of living a peaceful life without addiction interfering.
  • As a recovering alcoholic himself, Coach Josh will help guide you through the steps of recovery to achieve complete unity in mind, body and spirit so that you can become whole again, living a life without the dependency of addiction.
  • Coach Josh offers ongoing support, guidance, and motivation to help you maintain sobriety while building a healthier life.

Main Roles of a Recovery Coach:

  • Accountability: A recovery coach offers regular accountability by checking in with the individual 2-3 times a week.
  • Guidance: Recovery coaches provide direction and help clients set and achieve recovery-related goals.
  • Support: Recovery coaches provide additional support for those seeking a more robust recovery program.
  • Peer Connection: Recovery coaches act as role models, sharing their own experiences and helping clients navigate challenges.
  • Triggers and Coping Strategies: Recovery coaches assist in identifying triggers, developing coping strategies, and maintaining sobriety.

Christian Coaching:

  • Christian coaching is an ongoing conversation that empowers a person to fully live out God’s calling – in their life and profession. The goal of coaching is for you to listen to the Holy Spirit, discover new things about yourself, and take action to reshape your life around that learning.
  • The coaching relationship is expected to produce insights, greater personal awareness, changed behaviors, actions, and ultimately results that satisfy the client. Much is expected of you: to evaluate, reason, imagine, decide, and implement.
  • This unique style of coaching is designed to help understand faith or belief in God and Jesus Christ through independent, private sessions in a peaceful non-judgmental, safe and relaxed environment.
  • These sessions are also designed to help the client become more familiar with God’s word recorded in the bible, the life of Jesus Christ as presented in the Gospel, and how to build a relationship with Christ through dedication, servitude, faith and prayer.
  • These sessions are non-denominational in nature and focus on the interpretation of the Holy Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ according to the Gospels found in the New Testament.

Coffee Break:

The Coffee Break session is an individual session in which you, the client can spend time talking about you, your problems, goals, dreams, achievements, or setbacks. It is an opportunity to be heard and not judged. It is a chance to debrief and re-focus on you and your game plan moving forward. Coach Josh will help you regain your center and give you an outlet to vent or talk about the things in your life that are affecting your life-balance. Coach Josh will then help guide you to the results you desire and help you maintain the positivity in your life.

Plan of Action:

With each service provided, Coach Josh will provide you with a personalized plan of action to help you achieve your goals. Although Coach Josh is here to help you along your journey, it will be up to you to put forth your best effort to achieve your personal goals. Personalized plans of action are a suggestion tool that Coach Josh works with to keep you focused and on task to achieving the peaceful lifestyle you seek to reach.